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Customers expect to obtain safe products which comply with legal requirements and have high quality standards.

Du Bois de la Roche has always adopted a responsible and proactive practice, establishing a rigorous Quality and Food Safety Policy. Thus, it offers a very high level confidence which constitutes a benchmark on the market, with a clear commitment of quality and food safety of all its products.

In this regard, its QUALITY SYSTEM AND FOOD SAFETY POLICY is based on the following principles:

Customers and Consumers Focusing
In order to guarantee a high level of customers satisfaction and consumer loyalty, Du Bois de la Roche is committed to develop partnership relationships with customers, offering differentiating products that meet their needs and expectations.

Aware of its role in the value chain, Du Bois de la Roche is committed to effectively communicating food safety aspects to its employees, suppliers, customers and consumers, official entities and other relevant parties involved.

Quality and Food Safety
With the aim of identifying and controlling all potential risks in terms of food safety, Du Bois de la Roche ensures the availability of resources, infrastructure and adequate information, in order to minimize their probability of occurrence. Du Bois de la Roche is concerned with guaranteeing the quality of its products by prioritizing compliance with all requirements.

In order to ensure its economic company viability and commercial success, the company continuously seeks to optimize its procedures, with the aim of cost reduction.

Compliance with Applicable Requirements
Du Bois de la Roche remains watchful to costumers legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its processes and products, committing to ensure their compliance.

Continuous Improvement
Through the analysis and processing of data generated by the Management System, Du Bois de la Roche carries out the necessary actions aimed at ensuring continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the management system and its procedures.

Long-Term Supplier Partnerships
In order to ensure the quality and food safety of its products, Du Bois de la Roche chooses and assesses its suppliers according to well-defined criteria constantly seeking the continuous improvement of its products and services.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Ensure that relevant aspects of environmental protection, ethics, safety and health at work are taken into account.

Quality and Food Safety Culture
Du Bois de la Roche does its utmost to motivate the participation and involvement of its employees by investing in their training and personal enhancement and ensuring that they are aware of the importance of its activities by contributing to the quality and safety of its products. The company encourages two-way communication to involve all employees in obtaining a safe product.

Quality Certifications
As a tool to help and achieve its goals, the company adapted its quality system to the requirements of ISO 9001 and IFS (version 6) standards. Du Bois de la Roche is also certified RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and ECOCERT (AB certification).